What is a Day Plan on FuelFood.io?

The Day Plan is what sets FuelFood.io apart from other meal planning services. By feeding the system information about what you will be doing on a day, what meals you will be eating, and other information, our algorithm can suggest meals and scale them accordingly.

You can also choose to customize important factors such as caloric and macro nutrient targets, giving you full customizability in what you tell the algorithm! If you’d rather let the computer do the work, we love that too!

Glossary of Day Plan Terms

  • Date – The date you are planning.
  • Planned Activity – The first workout you will be doing. Many users program their “primary” workout here. (If you select rest, some of the following terms will not be relevant).
  • Planned Activity Duration – How long your workout will be.
  • How Hard Workout Will Be – From “low” to “hard,” this is how hard you feel you will be working in this workout.
  • Enhanced Energy Estimation – In additional to the level you defined above, the system can caloric more accurate caloric expenditure using the following methods:
    • Average Heart Rate
    • Distance (Running Only)
    • Average Watts (Cycling Only)
  • Non Workout Activity Level – This lets the system know how active you plan to be outside of your workout (ie work, housework, etc.)
  • Manual Calorie Expenditure – You can set your own caloric target instead of letting the system calculate.
  • Manual Macro Composition – You can set your own macro nutrient targets instead of letting the system calculate.
  • Add Additional Workout – You can program up to five total workouts each day (perfect for triathletes!).
  • I Plan to Eat – Check if you plan to eat the corresponding meal, regardless if you will be preparing the meal yourself.
  • I Need a Recipe – Check if you need the system to provide a recipe for you to prepare for the corresponding meal.
  • Busy Day – By setting this, you will be provided simple, easy recipes to prepare.
  • Repeat Meals – Will prioritize meals already used on your plan to reduce prep time, or even just how much you have to think about each meal.
  • Generate Meal – Will being selecting recipes once you click save. Otherwise, you can click Generate Meals later.